Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the digital age

It is the digital age
when everything flits along
in bits and bytes

(Like the specs of a red dress
that left the room
and began my mind's restless counting..)

..Even this martini
the last flavors of it, finishing
on my tongue
Like you lingering
freshly in my brain
the heat of your skin
lapping against the darkness
like a candle flame

I calculate how I will divide my time
twixt the curve of your neck
and the supra-sternal noch.
Conquer the narrow plane
like some great general
perhaps, storm a tower
or two, and mount Olympia
to take her for my prize

Recite poetry like Marc Antony
as if tomorrow would never come..
knowing, such glory is fleeting
not cariing if it does.

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