Wednesday, June 15, 2011

inspired by a piano sonnata

This is a love ballad (:27)...

He sees her walking toward him through the hallway
and she has turned on a heel and exits to another world
()her beauty flows in his mind like her silky skin
In his dream..she looks away, into grey light, her eyes so delicate
like the darkest pools, unwavering, that circle the heaven’s
there is sadness about her or about his mind whenever he thinks of her
()He sees her now as a child..delicate
conflicted..later years
() now as an adult
They are at a dance, a crowded ballroom party
the music from the piano drifts through the crowd
it calls to them,
they dance, these are the moves only he knows
The beginning of the dance is the beginning of their life
they move perfectly yet, still he knows they quarrel, there is tension
their dance accelerates, she spins in his arms, then
he holds her still, she is frightened, startled..then her face relaxes
(, -) From his tightened grip, he releases her
(-) dance on her own
He walks off the stage.

This is a scene in the fall
she is dressed in the light of the early morning, it is gray and an umbrella keeps off the drizzle
from the steps of his palace, across the grounds, he watches her catch a cab
she is gone

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