Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Eyes that where there when I stopped dreaming"....from a new book by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

Main Character's monologue..

I wanted to know her alchemy, to feel its effects, yet unknown to me.  Her cool skin and brush of hair, a breath that was not a vapor, that did not go away when I moved.  Eyes that were still there when I stopped dreaming.  I wanted her to haunt me, to enter this world with me and see it too.  Yet at the same time stay well outside of it, safely outside, until perhaps I could find an escape through it, through the dungeons, for us.  There were already enough ghosts inside this space.  I didn’t need another.
..She was not someone who existed in time that surrounded me but her’s was a voice in the future, a voice from it.  Shining into my world like light.   In every step I took, I moved towards it, hoping it would get brighter.