Wednesday, June 15, 2011

inspired by a piano sonnata

This is a love ballad (:27)...

He sees her walking toward him through the hallway
and she has turned on a heel and exits to another world
()her beauty flows in his mind like her silky skin
In his dream..she looks away, into grey light, her eyes so delicate
like the darkest pools, unwavering, that circle the heaven’s
there is sadness about her or about his mind whenever he thinks of her
()He sees her now as a child..delicate
conflicted..later years
() now as an adult
They are at a dance, a crowded ballroom party
the music from the piano drifts through the crowd
it calls to them,
they dance, these are the moves only he knows
The beginning of the dance is the beginning of their life
they move perfectly yet, still he knows they quarrel, there is tension
their dance accelerates, she spins in his arms, then
he holds her still, she is frightened, startled..then her face relaxes
(, -) From his tightened grip, he releases her
(-) dance on her own
He walks off the stage.

This is a scene in the fall
she is dressed in the light of the early morning, it is gray and an umbrella keeps off the drizzle
from the steps of his palace, across the grounds, he watches her catch a cab
she is gone

the digital age

It is the digital age
when everything flits along
in bits and bytes

(Like the specs of a red dress
that left the room
and began my mind's restless counting..)

..Even this martini
the last flavors of it, finishing
on my tongue
Like you lingering
freshly in my brain
the heat of your skin
lapping against the darkness
like a candle flame

I calculate how I will divide my time
twixt the curve of your neck
and the supra-sternal noch.
Conquer the narrow plane
like some great general
perhaps, storm a tower
or two, and mount Olympia
to take her for my prize

Recite poetry like Marc Antony
as if tomorrow would never come..
knowing, such glory is fleeting
not cariing if it does.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poem....Who is Sandra?

"Who is Sandra?"

Who is Sandra? What is she?
That all our thoughts surround her?
Wise, sincere, and fair is she;
The stars such light did lend her,
That she bask in their eternity.

Is she as sweet as she is fair?
For the lovely live with kindness
Love asks the favor of her eyes  
To cure him of his blindness
And with her, in gratefulness he lies

Then to Sandra we will sing
Sandra’s a beautiful being!
She comes like the morning
Upon the dull earth, shining
To her let us flowers bring.

by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

who are the aliens anyway? (one page screenplay)

A scene from..
Original Screenplay
by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

The room has cleared out.
The president and other staff are in yet another briefing, this time in conference with the task force R.U.E. and diplomats from around the world..However, the only ones currently ‘in the loop’ about what is actually happening in the desert..are the Alien Task Force and the Greeting Party.  The president intended to keep it that way..
VIDEO CONFERENCE...The French ambassador speaks, we look forward to hearing more news of the “meteor event” you have experienced..and if you will be needing our assistance..
PRESIDENT No I think we’re fine here..are we fine?  Room nods. Yes I think we are..but, we will let you know.
FRENCH AMBASSADOR Good.  Getting past the pleasantries, Perhaps you can also let us know if you have any information about some missing...paintings..that disappeared just the other night..
PRESIDENT Paintings?  The president gave a polite chuckle.  We don’t know about any, paintings.
Another ambassador spoke...And some missing vanished without a trace..not a single vault was cracked, not a shot was can this happen??
FRENCH AMBASSADOR Yes this is very familiar..we lost the paintings and other..very valuable items, not yet inventoried..without a single report, alarm, anything..
The other ambassadors appeared to be turning to the president and his group for answers..
PRESIDENT  I assure you ladies and gentlemen that the meteor event is not related to missing paintings or gold..(the joke seemed to fizzle)..
OTHER AMBASSADOR Mr. President how will we back up our currency?  There will be riots if and when this is found out..
FRENCH AMBASSADOR The paintings..are..priceless.. the loss is in the $billions..people are weeping in the streets..
The president’s expression was slightly annoyed, even impatient..
PRESIDENT.. Yes our deepest sympathies..We’ll respond as best we can..thank you..
Before there was a further response, the monitors went black.  The meeting concluded....non necessary people exit Trailer One..

Moments later..

The President and his loyal friend have a kind of ‘cigar room’ decide the fate of the world..
RAY It’s working beautifully..
PRESIDENT Yes..Except for the part where the world starts banging down my door asking for answers..
RAY We still don’t know who is responsible?  You and I know it can’t be those two schmucks...if anything they’ve shown hostility towards us..
PRESIDENT very thoughtful.  He gazes into space.  Maybe he’s is someone we haven’t seen yet.. Though, I’m not sure I care..
(a few beats..)
I just hope to  that we have this cleaned up before they show up..
RAY ..What about Griffith?
PRESIDENT ..What about him?  This whole thing smacks of absolute deniability..blame it on them..and Griffith, he fits perfectly..he has blame written all over his forehead..
Nods can almost see the cigar in his hand..(but somebody shot the fuck out of the drop box, cigars and coffee..
PRESIDENT after that..he’s no longer necessary..for now we’ll just keep him busy..and out of the way..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

calypso island

“Calypso Island”
(.. Le Femme's beauté's..
Poem’s rarely are accompanied by a story line..this is an exception..though perhaps unnecessary..
In the poem, a man waxes poetic while spending time with his belle on a deserted island paradise, known as Calypso Island’
The legend of Calypso comes originally from Homer.  According to Homer, Odysseus was held by the goddess Calypso for seven years.  Odysseus’ patron goddess, Athena, called on Zeus to intervene..and Zeus sent Hermes to release Odysseus from Calypsos.  Maybe it wasn’t too unbearable..
So I aimed at the notion of a man entranced by female beauty, perhaps held against his will by her spell..

“Calypso Island”

Feminine beauty’s something of a miracle
like lunar eclipses, sunsets, or a rare wine
A kiss on her nape makes her part her lips
They speak, they want more, who am I to mind?

Partial am I, to her gifts, her many treasures
She bestow on me , pleasures, I can’t resist
I accept them like a prince, who’s wandered deserts
“Lets walk in the sand” she say, before the day’s missed

‘Walk toward me’ she say, as she holds the light
With those eyes that burn this raging sunset hour
The sea embrace her beauty, behind, it show its might
and spar the sun for her pleasure, steal his power

Indeed to see, to feel, such a power she wield
Two eyes that well speak can tie a man’s tongue
To  stop a war, make peace, save a future for a son
You’d think with all her glory, the battle’s won

By Matthew Kenneth Kosak
Copyright © 2010