Tuesday, January 18, 2011

who are the aliens anyway? (one page screenplay)

A scene from..
Original Screenplay
by Matthew Kenneth Kosak

The room has cleared out.
The president and other staff are in yet another briefing, this time in conference with the task force R.U.E. and diplomats from around the world..However, the only ones currently ‘in the loop’ about what is actually happening in the desert..are the Alien Task Force and the Greeting Party.  The president intended to keep it that way..
VIDEO CONFERENCE...The French ambassador speaks, we look forward to hearing more news of the “meteor event” you have experienced..and if you will be needing our assistance..
PRESIDENT No I think we’re fine here..are we fine?  Room nods. Yes I think we are..but, we will let you know.
FRENCH AMBASSADOR Good.  Getting past the pleasantries, Perhaps you can also let us know if you have any information about some missing...paintings..that disappeared just the other night..
PRESIDENT Paintings?  The president gave a polite chuckle.  We don’t know about any, paintings.
Another ambassador spoke...And some missing gold..it vanished without a trace..not a single vault was cracked, not a shot was fired..how can this happen??
FRENCH AMBASSADOR Yes this is very familiar..we lost the paintings and other..very valuable items, not yet inventoried..without a single report, alarm, anything..
The other ambassadors appeared to be turning to the president and his group for answers..
PRESIDENT  I assure you ladies and gentlemen that the meteor event is not related to missing paintings or gold..(the joke seemed to fizzle)..
OTHER AMBASSADOR Mr. President how will we back up our currency?  There will be riots if and when this is found out..
FRENCH AMBASSADOR The paintings..are..priceless.. the loss is in the $billions..people are weeping in the streets..
The president’s expression was slightly annoyed, even impatient..
PRESIDENT.. Yes our deepest sympathies..We’ll respond as best we can..thank you..
Before there was a further response, the monitors went black.  The meeting concluded....non necessary people exit Trailer One..

Moments later..

The President and his loyal friend have a kind of ‘cigar room’ chat..to decide the fate of the world..
RAY It’s working beautifully..
PRESIDENT Yes..Except for the part where the world starts banging down my door asking for answers..
RAY We still don’t know who is responsible?  You and I know it can’t be those two schmucks...if anything they’ve shown hostility towards us..
PRESIDENT very thoughtful.  He gazes into space.  Maybe he’s right..it is someone we haven’t seen yet.. Though, I’m not sure I care..
(a few beats..)
I just hope to  that we have this cleaned up before they show up..
RAY ..What about Griffith?
PRESIDENT ..What about him?  This whole thing smacks of absolute deniability..blame it on them..and Griffith, he fits perfectly..he has blame written all over his forehead..
Nods comfortably..you can almost see the cigar in his hand..(but somebody shot the fuck out of the drop box, cigars and coffee..
PRESIDENT after that..he’s no longer necessary..for now we’ll just keep him busy..and out of the way..

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