Thursday, January 13, 2011

calypso island

“Calypso Island”
(.. Le Femme's beauté's..
Poem’s rarely are accompanied by a story line..this is an exception..though perhaps unnecessary..
In the poem, a man waxes poetic while spending time with his belle on a deserted island paradise, known as Calypso Island’
The legend of Calypso comes originally from Homer.  According to Homer, Odysseus was held by the goddess Calypso for seven years.  Odysseus’ patron goddess, Athena, called on Zeus to intervene..and Zeus sent Hermes to release Odysseus from Calypsos.  Maybe it wasn’t too unbearable..
So I aimed at the notion of a man entranced by female beauty, perhaps held against his will by her spell..

“Calypso Island”

Feminine beauty’s something of a miracle
like lunar eclipses, sunsets, or a rare wine
A kiss on her nape makes her part her lips
They speak, they want more, who am I to mind?

Partial am I, to her gifts, her many treasures
She bestow on me , pleasures, I can’t resist
I accept them like a prince, who’s wandered deserts
“Lets walk in the sand” she say, before the day’s missed

‘Walk toward me’ she say, as she holds the light
With those eyes that burn this raging sunset hour
The sea embrace her beauty, behind, it show its might
and spar the sun for her pleasure, steal his power

Indeed to see, to feel, such a power she wield
Two eyes that well speak can tie a man’s tongue
To  stop a war, make peace, save a future for a son
You’d think with all her glory, the battle’s won

By Matthew Kenneth Kosak
Copyright © 2010

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