Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"In the summer heat"..a new exerpt from my this scene, our main character sees a mysterious woman leaving a scary building..

..In the summer heat, he peered through the walls, peeling them back, like the skin of an organism, and imagined the laboratory inside. In its cool, cavernous space, a robot crawled back and forth over some plastic tubes.  It’s motion was knife like, precise.  A molecule of his beloved formula twirled in imaginary space, waiting for something to be added.  The empty space of the molecule begged completion like a missing word in a sentence. It propositioned him.  Formulas waited.  Books to be written in.  It is nonetheless inviting.
Out of the shadow of the building, a woman emerges and begins to walk calmly towards him.  White blouse, dark skirt.  Her narrowness merging between the lines of the walls, her hips and legs a helix, a strand of his DNA walking, he thought.  Her small heels clap and echo.  She’s attractive.  He realizes there is another car in the lot next to his. Foreign, small.  Of course.  It must be hers.  She smiles as she gets in.  He thinks. "Do I know her?"
She folds herself into the drivers side of the sleek metal frame and disappears. 
"Should I know her?" 
The thoughts of her are extinguished as beads of sweat form on his temple.  He melts in his jacket.  Thoughts build tension.  His beige suit shows the wrinkles. The sunlight is intense and hot. The surrounding asphalt and brick walls have been baking all day. 
The chemistry began to creep again into his brain. The bonds seemed to reach out to him from the silent paper. Unfinished equations piqued.  Their ends dangling into space.  His other thoughts crowded like clouds against the horizon.  They told him to leave immediately.  He was poised somewhere in middle of them.
He watched as the woman’s car disappeared down the road.

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