Monday, October 11, 2010

POEM: "Our Best Comes When We've Found The Voice That's True" (with author's intro)......a Matthew Kenneth Kosak

A brief introduction to the poem...Please enjoy!

This poem entitled, "Our Best Comes When We’ve Found The Voice That’s True"
is a Sonnet, inspired by the Elizabethan sonnet form. Its structure follows three quatrains (statements), followed by two couplets.  It's in iambic pentameter, ten beats per line..

The speaker in the poem muses about finding the voice that's true and this exploration results in much ideational echoing, e.g. between new and hue and times and Spring..and between the seasons, of Autumn and Spring, as well as a double pun on 'spring' as in 'springing forth.'
In the second quatrain, "qualities" is personified by the speaker in a conceit leading to the comparison of season's with his emotional ideas, and finally in quatrain three,  these ideas climax, wherein the speaker's self, perhaps becoming aware of this fact, is simultaneously 'arriving' and also 'surviving.'     -MKK

**The analytic commentary follows the style of S. Booth, Yale University

Our best comes when we’ve found the voice that’s true
In the place deep within the heart, it sing
In the times of Autumn, and in its golden hue
In new musing’s, of these reflection’s Spring.

When we’ve gone past all the roads that lead to dead ends
And stopped at our place, a heav’nly glade. 
When we’ve found quiet times and found new friends
And found respite in these, a place of peace made

And note of other things, clearly, our qualities!
More than we find them, of them, we’re apprised
More than they know us we know our frivolities!
Kind self, you’ve arrived and in yourself survived

Who might I want more, to share most the day’s precious hour?
Who then? In war! Hear the voice, the ancient tower,

‘Same brow, who’s lips on these precious words dote
Find bliss, together, in the heav’n these things note. 

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