Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The second part of bar scene "The sunset became a point of light in a glass.."

Jake nodded and smiled.  "OK, I won’t."
Markus continued. “Don’t worry, it’s not a VC contact, its somebody I know in publishing.  He does films too.  Give him a call.”
Jake’s face was pure skepticism. You know someone in publishing?
Markus took another drink.  “And by the way, how’s our data mining operation coming along?” 
Jake’s look again was skeptical, perhaps raising the first. 
 “OUR data mining operation?”
Markus did a double take. Shook his head. I know, I know! Correction..”YOUR data mining operation.” Jeeerist!  I’m never there!  Look, I know it’ll all work out, we’ll get the formula back, find the missing data, so don’t worry already.  Markus paused. Or my loan will be called!  But don’t you forget, I’ve got some money in that venture too! You got me into that remember? 
Jake nodded.  Yeah, and I remember I told you.  You knew the risks when you got into it.   
Yeah I know, at the time it was either the bio-bombs or the dot dooms. 

Markus was suddenly more solemn.
"And now we’re..I don’t know, its hitting the fan pretty hard, he paused as he peered into his glass while’s make or break time.  Jake, I shit you not, it’s fucking crazy! I’ve got more on the line than I ever career, my life, Tara,.."
 Markus shakes his head almost grimacing. But he seemingly kills these thoughts off at their source with final drink from his glass.  Putting a Coda on them.  Markus was animated, and he showed his emotions when necessary, keeping them in check, like an actor, they came spilling out more at times like these, usually when a few drinks were involved. 
Markus awoke from what appeared to be a momentary philosophical interlude and he was smiling again.  Markus was back.  If he was worried it no longer showed.  That’s how Markus was. 
Drinks arrive.  The friends toast.
Jake gave it. Here’s to “…………………………….”
Markus, raising his glass. “………………………….!”
Head nod.
They drink.
Markus finishes.  So what is it?
Markus guffaws.  C’mon..What? “……………………..?”
You’re not joining some fanatical science cult are you?  Atom- smashing- atheist- alchemists?
No. It’s a book.  And my new motto.
From your shrink?  When you are “……………………”, make sure you change it to gold, I understand that’s more valuable these days.
More than stock in start up biotechs?
Markus raised his glass.  Touché!! 
How did I say that?  I probably just saluted to women’s behinds.  Not a bad middle ground.

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