Monday, October 11, 2010

.."The Unresolved" a selected exerpt from my book

The unresolved questions tugged at my mind.  They seemed to hide in shadows at the ends of hallways.  And then emerge before me, from doorways, on planes of my subconscious without asking.  Instead of fading, they loomed more powerfully, like dreams restlessly shaken awake from sleep. This was my own labyrinth.  They led to questions, perhaps the mind in the act, of working through problems, scenarios to avoid.  Lessons learned.  The unresolved formed a haze that made other things in my mind less discernable from them, a dark noise, crowding them out. Hiding them like thick trees. Giving me concern.  Perhaps I would lose track of things that were real.  He thought of Rachel.  Feelings became landcapes. Far away places.  A place he was going to, but hadn’t yet left for.

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